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Sublicrylic is a revolutionary new product from Octi-Tech. It brings the vivid full colour imaging potential of acrylic to the sublimation decorator without the need for expensive investment in hardware. Sublicrylic can be decorated cost effectively and easily by using a standard heat press and transfer paper with sublimation inks.

Sublicrylic in action, watch our tutorial video and get tips from the pros. Watch video

Truly Stunning Rich and Vibrant Colours for High End Awards

Jaw-dropping, full colour decoration for awards, photography and gift markets

Sublicrylic’s innovative solutions are available in a full range of high quality crystal clear formats suitable for anything from athletics awards to high end corporate recognition systems. Sublicrylic also offers an outstandingrange of products designed especially for the gift and personalisation market such as our popular Subli Blocks and clocks.

The Acrylic printing Solution

Innovative solutions reducing costs and making your life easier.

Most acrylic "solutions" require expensive laser systems, or use a cheap paper-backed solution that will not present your image in its full colour and depth. Sublicrylic removes the need for these. Thanks to Sublicrylic, it has never been simpler to print on Acrylic.

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Sublicrylic Products

Rectangular Acrylic Block

Sturdy built blank acrylic blocks specifically designed for decorating with a standard heat press. The blocks stand upright and are the ideal platform to bring pictures to life.

152x203x20mm RRP: £12.95

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Oval Acrylic Award

Oval blank acrylic blocks are the ideal format for any recognition award imaginable. From corporate plaques to sporting awards, the possibilities are endless.

152x152x25mm RRP: £14.95

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Acrylic Clock

Our blank acrylic clock is ideal for use in both the gift and corporate promotional markets. The use of innovative materials and design ensures its long life.

76x102x25mm RRP: £9.95

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Picture Stand

The acrylic block with metal support pins provides a great way to display pictures and has proven particularly popular amongst professional photographers.

178x128x15mm RRP: £11.95

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Standing Award

Our acrylic block with classic black stand provides a perfect format for formal awards and trophies. The classic design of the stand adds a touch of class to a popular product.

168x178x50mm RRP: £14.95

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Sublicrylic Dealers


  • Do I need any special equipment to decorate Sublicrylic?

    • No just a standard heat press that can open 25mm (1") wide to accommodate the Sublicrylic.

  • What pressure should I use on my heat press?

    • When using a manual heat press you should press Sublicrylic at 200°C / 390°F using medium to high pressure for 7 minutes with a thin sponge rubber heat pad.

      When using a pneumatic heat press you should set the pressure to 30psi at 200°C / 390°F for 7 minutes with a thin sponge rubber heat pad.

  • What temperature do I press at and for how long?

    • 200°C or 390°F for 7 minutes (with a heat pad over the top)

  • Do I need a Teflon sheet or mat to press Sublicrylic?

    • Yes, use a sponge rubber pad 1.5mm (1/16") thick this ensures constant image transfer across the surface.

  • How do I line my image up correctly on the Sublicrylic?

    • Use the templates provided in the "Sublicrylic Products" section of this site just accross the page. Each individual item has a "Download Templates" link, click it to download the right sized template for your product

  • What paper do I need to use?

    • We recommend using a high release paper such as Textprint or Coldenhove, this gives better results and a more vivid image.

  • What settings do I use to print my image?

    • Use your normal settings just DON'T mirror the image.

  • Where can I watch a video demonstration of Sublicrylic?

  • How can I stop sublicrylic from warping?

    • Ensure that after printing the block is cooled printed side face down on a cool surface.